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In a world of accelerating change and uncertainty, my painting is a way of finding peace and quietude. Many of the water paintings seek to capture on canvas a fragment of time or a particular feeling, which may otherwise be lost to memory.

This body of work is about mapping connections from my memories of particular significant objects, grouping them according to where they were found or who I may have been with at the time. The objects rekindle my curiosity about what has gone before and what traces are left behind in memory.


They recall various landscapes, like the arid, scoured Karoo and other beautiful places we passed through or where we stayed on childhood holidays. They remind me of the open veld where we rode horses, of playing and making in my father’s engineering or home workshops. Landscapes of the heart. Soul places.


The paintings evoke the peace and contentment and containment of childhood, of walking on the beach with my parents and siblings, so absorbed in what we saw. 

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