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My creative practice touches on my local environs and internal landscapes, in an attempt to explore and transform my emotional and physical experiences into a visual language. By the act of making, my work becomes a metaphor for the natural world and gestures towards a vital essence within it that connects human and non-human being. It draws attention to the way the beauty, depth and intelligence of the natural world, while not fully understood, has a profound impact on the human psyche.​ After all, humans are ‘of’ nature too.

Immersing myself in the natural world brings me into the present moment: in watching a body of water, I become one with it, absorbed into its movement and pattern; the beauty of a dead seed head makes me look at and appreciate its remarkable structure; a stand of grasses undulating in the wind makes me want to ripple and flow with it. I become aware of an underlying rhythm that riffles through my mind and body and reconnects me with that environment. The process becomes meditative, and curative – a rekindling of something lost.​


Like the play of light and shadow, this heightened consciousness of presence is therefore also always a consciousness of absence. My art is an attempt to offer a glimpse of these sublime and ephemeral internal and external landscapes.

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