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The connectedness of the human and non-human has often been a very compartmentalised exercise. Humans are ‘of’ nature too, and the depth, complexity and intelligence in the natural world is not fully understood. My creative practice touches on my local environs and internal landscapes, in an attempt to explore and transform my emotional and physical experiences into a visual language. By the act of making, these works become a metaphor for this physical world and also for a spirituality that exists here. It is perhaps a comment on how beauty is important and has an impact on our human psyche.​

Immersing oneself in a natural world brings one into the present time: in watching a body of water one becomes absorbed into its movement and pattern; the beauty of a dead seed head makes one look at its remarkable structure; a stand of grasses undulating in the wind makes one want to flow with it; and one becomes aware of an underlying rhythm that reconnects and rekindles the space around one. It can become meditative, and curative.​

This awareness may lead one to the verge of sensing ephemeral and transient landscapes, inside and out, where universal themes of shadow and light talk about absence and presence, about the experience of the present moment, and of other feeling that begin to riffle through one's mind and body.

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